Sophie’s teaching ignites the freedom that lives within the soul,
allowing the body to express itself fully through movements which
are metaphors for our lives. Her classes promote a life of yoga both
on and off the mat, offering her students the opportunity to reach
deep inside themselves and feel a new sense of being, loving and
learning. Sophie wears her smile proudly, her happiness is infectious and she has a sympathetic approach to her students which allows them to share this positive energy and discover what lives inside them. Born in Weimar, Germany, Sophie went through her early years moving from place to place while learning about life with every
footprint she painted on the ground. She was introduced to yoga
while living in a small snowy town named Matsumoto in Japan.

Her teacher provided the perfect gateway into the art, and she
immediately discovered the benefits that come through regular
practice and mindfulness. She took this newly found enthusiasm to Rishikesh, India where she completed a 2 months teacher training programme in different styles of Yoga. Since then, she has regularly been teaching a variety of styles to an even wider variety of students. Whether you are a complete beginner or a more advanced practitioner, Sophie’s gentle and supportive approach to teaching will make you fall in love with life on the mat, allowing you to live a more fulfilled, mindful existence off it. She emanates a special light and hopes to share this brilliant glow with all of the world through each class that she invites you to attend.


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